A Scheme for Sensor Data Reconstruction in Smart Home


Today, a large number of sensors are spatially deployed to monitor the environment in smart home. Through sensed data, home automation systems can perceive the surroundings and further provide corresponding services. However, such systems rely on highly available data which cannot be guaranteed by sensors. If some sensors report unavailable data to home automation systems without verification, the systems might malfunction and even affect the safety of residents. In this paper, a generalized highly available data interpolation (HADI) scheme is proposed to serve as a guarantor for sensed data in smart home. HADI takes advantage of the relationship between the faulty sensor and the other heterogeneous sensors to reconstruct the highly available data. Experiments reveal that our proposed scheme can achieve high data availability with less computation cost.

2021 15th International Conference on Network and System Security (NSS)
Yegang Du
Yegang Du
Junior Researcher

My research interests include distributed computing, federated learning, HCI, and AIoT.